Mr.Rajkumar Agrawal Ji(Sweta)

President (Agrawal Sabha,Korba)

VISION: To impart quality education in all core disciplines of knowledge by developing global leaders as agents of social change. Shaping human beings who are intellectually competent, ethically sound, and socially compassionate with ancient indian values blended with scientific outlook. .

Agrawal Sabha,Korba

Name Designation Address Contact
Shri Brjmohan Agrawal Reservation Incharge Korba Mil Store,Agrasen Chouk korba 94255-40581
Shri Bajarang Lal Agrawal Managing Head Daduram,TP Nagar korba 92291-11000
Shri Hanuman Agrawal Managing Head Pawan Traiders,Sitamani korba 93000-48085
Shri Shiv Agrawal Managing Head Modern Agro, korba 98279-19134
Shri Kishan Tamkoriya Managing Head Sitamani, korba 93000-48085
Shri Bhagwat Prasad Agrawal Managing Head Agroha Marg, korba 98271-63799
Shri Ghanshyam Agrawal Managing Head P.H Road, korba 94252-24584
Shri Prahlad Agrawal(Anurag) Managing Head Darri Road, korba 98271-75025
Shri Shankar Modi Managing Head Balaji Provision,Niharika, korba 98277-32509
Shri Shiv Paliwal Managing Head Shiv Pustak,Main Road, korba 98271-12688
Shri Manoj Agrawal Managing Head J.P.Tyres,TP Nagar korba 99778-07731
Shri Mukesh Beraliya Managing Head Chirag Ply,PH Road korba 98934-17303
Shri Ritesh Agrawal Managing Head Goyal Industry ,Sitamani,korba 98936-22114
Shri Manoj Agrawal(Tilkejawale) Managing Head Sitamani,korba 99938-75158
Shri Anil Agrawal Adevertising Head Naman CG sitamani,,korba 94791-12555
Shri Kirti Agrawal Adevertising Head Gupta Gali,,korba 95222-22295
Shri Pankaj Dewda Adevertising Head Main Road,,korba 99074-34499
Shri Anurag Agrawal Adevertising Head TP Nagar,,korba 98935-78798
Shri Badri Prasad Modi Legal Advisor Sitamani,,korba 98932-44200
Shri Manoj Agrawal(Notari) Legal Advisor Rani Road,,korba 97541-10000
Shri Mahendra Agrawal Legal Advisor Laluram Colony,,korba 98271-94772
Shri Dinesh Agrawal Legal Advisor Patel Para,,korba 98271-09092