श्री अग्रसेन कन्या महाविद्यालय, कोरबा, छत्तीसगढ़

Affiliated to Atal Bihari Vajpayee Vishwavidyalaya,Bilaspur,Chhattisgarh

Approved By U.G.C. Under Section 2(f) & 12(B).

The Agrawal Sabha, Korba nominates the office bearers to Shri Agrasen Shikshan Samiti, Korba, and the managing body for the educational institutions, registered with the Registrar of Firms & Societies. Situated in the heart of city, on Darri Road Korba, the college building is built on a land measuring about 1.30 Acre. The main building is surrounded by available land for playgrounds, cultural activities, canteen facility and space for parking inside the secure boundaries of the campus. The educational institutions - Shri Agrasen Girls Higher secondary school and Shri Agrasen Kanya Mahavidyalaya operate on the fund and infrastructure provided by Agrawal Sabha, Korba through donations from the members of Agrawal Sabha, who contribute generously for the cause.  Students are charged reasonable tuition fee to meet the day-to-day expenses. Concession is given to poor students. The college comes under Atal Bihari Vajpayee Vishwavidyalaya,Bilaspur,Chhattisgarh,India and runs various undergraduate courses in Arts, Computer Science,Commerce, Home Science, B.Ed., M.S.W, M.A.(Hindi), M.A.(Pol.Sci.) and Teachers' Training. The college has faculties of Geography, Political Science, Sociology, History, Economics, Home Science, Hindi, English, Commerce and Education (Under B. Ed. Program). In Science the faculties include Mathematics, Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Home Science. The academic performance of students has been excellent so far. Many students have been able to score very high ranks figuring in the merit list of the University. All infrastructural facilities including computers, science labs, library, classrooms, furniture, play ground, sport equipments, laboratory equipments, educational books and teaching aids have been made available at the campus by the management as per the requirement of the institution.
I want that our students should be imparted an all round education so that they become multidimensional rather than uni-dimensional. In my view, acquiring information is no longer the main focus of education; instead the main aim of education is to build the powers of human mind and spirit. We believe in providing our students an environment, rich in knowledge and supportive for their extra curricular interests. We aim to evaluate our students on the basis of their physical, mental, social, emotional and intellectual development.
I feel proud to acknowledge the contribution of highly qualified, dynamic and multi-talented faculty, non teaching staff and my students for this. We have Eminent personalities are invited from all walks of life to address our students and expose them to new ideas and thoughts. I strongly believe that- “All odds, all challenges and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, persistent hard work, insurmountable patience and unshakeable tenacity !”   My best wishes to the new students entering to the Shri Agrasen Kanya Mahavidyalaya,korba.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Jain
President (Shri Agrasen Sikshan Samiti)

Dear students, in this era of cut throat competition, it is of paramount importance to be equipped with appropriate knowledge ,habits, attitudes and values leading to holistic development. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities organised by various clubs and societies facilitate the process of creative and critical thinking. They not only inculcate social and moral values, compassion for nature, pride for Indian culture and tradition and awareness for one’s rights and duties but also make students good human beings and confident leaders. I intently believe that you would develop versatile personality during your stay in this temple of learning. To be successful in life, have ambitions and define your goals clearly. Discipline and hard work is the key to success. Be regular in your classes and focus on your goals. Your concerted efforts with the able guidance of your teachers would definitely provide you a blissful and successful life. I, on behalf of Agrasen Girls College family welcome all the students and wish you all the best for achieving greater success and scaling new heights in the coming session. With blessing and warm wishes !

Dr.Manoj Kumar Jha
Principal(Shri Agrasen Girls College,Korba)

Cultural Activities

The importance of social and cultural activities is preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills. Social/cultural activities not only help students to identify themselves with the university, but also assist students to develop themselves in a desired field and also improve skills such as organizational, presentation, leadership and interpersonal communication. As social and cultural activities are of paramount importance, the University encourages all extra-curricular activities that are both in line with the educational objectives of the institution and meet the needs of the students. Culture can be defined as the arts as well as the intangible shared beliefs, values, and practices of a community. Students participate in arts and culture at varying levels of skill and engagement. Some create, while others listen to, watch, teach, critique, or learn a cultural activity, art form, or expression. Some are professional artists, designers, and inventors, while others engage informally in expressive activities or create innovative tools, relationships, or products. The field as a whole can be represented within a framework that has four main aspects: degree of professionalism, type of activity, locations and spaces, and level of participation and involvement.